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Ideas for Progress: Mathematics, Range 1–12

To enhance their skills in each mathematics-related strand, students who score in the 1–12 score range on the ACT® college readiness assessment may benefit from activities that encourage them to do the following:

Score Range 1–12
Number and Quantity
  • practice and apply estimation and computation, using whole numbers and decimals
  • describe quantities in terms of “parts of a whole” and translate that description into fraction form
  • locate and describe positive integers in terms of their position on the number line
Algebra and Functions
  • choose the appropriate method of computation (e.g., calculator, mental, pencil and paper) to solve multistep mathematical problems
  • model a variety of real-world and mathematical problems with expressions and/or equations
  • use the inverse relationships for the basic operations of addition and subtraction to determine unknown quantities
  • generate simple numerical or pictorial patterns based on a given rule
  • identify line segments in geometric figures and estimate or calculate their lengths
  • practice selecting appropriate units of measure (e.g., inches or feet, hours or minutes, centimeters or meters) and converting between units
Statistics and Probability
  • organize, display, and analyze data in a variety of ways
  • read and interpret data from different displays (e.g., charts, tables) and use the data in computation (e.g., mean, median, mode, range)