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Ideas for Progress: Range 13–15

ACT Explore/ACT Plan/The ACT Science

To enhance their skills in each science-related strand, students who score in the 13–15 score range may benefit from activities that encourage them to do the following:

Score Range 13–15
Interpretation of Data
  • locate several data points in a simple table or graph and make comparisons between them
  • become familiar with common terms used in science (e.g., star, force, mineral)
  • create basic tables and graphs from sets of scientific data
  • read newspaper and magazine articles pertaining to science and technology and discuss main points with peers
  • describe trends and relationships in data displayed in simple tables and graphs
Scientific Investigation
  • determine an appropriate method for performing a simple experiment
  • perform simple laboratory activities designed to teach familiarity with a number of commonly used tools (e.g., thermometers, balances, glassware)
Evaluation of Experiments, Models, and Assertions
  • read science articles of an appropriate level from newspapers and science newsmagazines and identify any hypotheses or conclusions made by the author(s)