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Ideas for Progress: Range 1–2

ACT Explore/ACT Plan/The ACT Writing

To enhance their skills in each writing-related strand, students who score in the 1–2 score range may benefit from activities that encourage them to do the following:

Score Range 1–2
Expressing Judgments
  • discuss the goal of a persuasive essay
  • ask five people for their opinion on an issue; note the range in viewpoints a single issue can bring out
Focusing on the Topic
  • identify a local community or school issue; phrase the issue in the form of a question; then experiment with ways to answer that question clearly in a single sentence
Developing a Position
  • study model paragraphs that have topic sentences; notice that in each example the idea in the topic sentence is explained by the rest of the sentences in the paragraph
  • in a model persuasive essay, list the ideas that the writer talks about; discuss which is the essay's main idea and which are ideas that support or illustrate the main idea
Organizing Ideas
  • practice grouping sentences that share like subjects
  • construct a simple timeline of an event; discuss how the event has a beginning, a middle, and an end
Using Language
  • read the works of favorite writers
  • regularly write informal entries (responses to readings, or original ideas) in a journal