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August 5th, 2013

Summer is Almost Over…

Hello! Unfortunately, summer is almost over and class begins real soon. I go back next week. It is hard for me to believe I’m going to be a senior and even harder for my parents. My mom and dad constantly tell me how they still think I’m an 8-year-old. I’m sure the same goes for you! Anyhow, this blog is going to be about my summer experience! Enjoy. Continue reading

June 14th, 2013

ACT Test Day!

The week leading up to the exam was just terrible, so on the day of the ACT, I did not feel as prepared as I had hoped to be. After it was over, I decided I would retake it (possibly after the summer). In each section, I was unable to finish the last column of the bubbles. When the teacher exclaimed, “You have 5 minutes remaining,” I randomly bubbled in the answers. I hated that I had to do that. I spent too much time on certain questions. Please don’t be like me! Pace yourself and check the clock often. There may have been numerous questions I would have felt assured in, but never had the chance to answer with real thought. Continue reading

April 18th, 2013

What to Consider When Looking at Colleges

At this point in time, you should be considering the colleges you might want to attend. Do tons of research regarding location, tuition, ACT/SAT score requirements, and financial aid. Also, be sure to check out universities’ websites, read student reviews, and watch online campus tours. Those will give you a much better idea if you are truly interested in a college. You should be well informed about everything so you can make the best decisions and cross out the ones that no longer seem to fit. Continue reading

April 3rd, 2013

Getting Involved

Time for filling out college applications is coming very near. Each one of us wants to show off who we are and make ourselves seem great for the universities we are applying to. However, in order to do so, not only should you excel academically, but also participate in extracurricular activities. Showing that you were involved in sports, numerous clubs/teams, and volunteering shows that you’re well-rounded. It makes a great addition to your application and makes you seem more valuable. Being involved in extracurricular activities shows that you are capable of juggling multiple things at once. If you maintain good grades, it indicates you are responsible and have good time management. Continue reading

March 13th, 2013

Preparing for the ACT

Hi everyone,

I’m a horrible test taker—just getting it out there. All that pressure from a time limit really gets to me. When I’m rushed, I don’t perform as well I want to. I’m quite positive most of you feel the same way. Or you could be one of the lucky ones who do better under pressure. Oh, how I envy you folks! Continue reading

February 20th, 2013

Introducing Jessica

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica and I’m from Moanalua High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.  What I will be doing is sharing my thoughts and experiences with you of my preparation and transition into college. Hopefully, I will be of great help by offering you some useful advice and just know that you are not alone! Continue reading