April 12th, 2012

Getting Involved

Universities and colleges search for students who excel among their peers and who are active in their school and community. Being an outstanding individual is what sets you apart from the other students. You need to demonstrate that you went the extra mile to get involved in your school.

There are plenty of ways to get involved. All high schools offer a variety of clubs for students to join. Some of these clubs are open to all students, while others are more competitive and selective. The selective clubs are often honor society clubs, which look exceptional on college applications. But don’t stress about absolutely having to get into an honor society; all school clubs look fantastic on college applications.

If you want to be part of more than just school clubs, there are plenty of other ways to get involved. Join a sports team at school or be in another extracurricular school activity. For example, get involved in dance, theatre, or debate. In addition to being fun, all these activities can offer scholarships!

How am I involved in my school? I am, and have been, a member of the International Club, Thespian Honor Society, Drama Club, Dance Department, and Key Club. Being a part of these activities and clubs not only looks snazzy on a college app, but they are loads of fun and allow me to meet a lot of great people who I may not get to meet in my regular classes.