April 27th, 2012

Free Money

Senior year is almost here and after that we’re on our way to college life. Choosing the right college will probably be the most important decision we will make. Many students decide to go to a college because of its academic program, its standards, or its cost. Going to a college, unfortunately, can take a toll on our wallets. While colleges can be very expensive, there are ways to minimize the cost. One definite solution is scholarships.

Scholarships can reduce the tuition cost for a college by thousands of dollars, so it would be wise to start searching for them as soon as possible. Some scholarships even allow juniors to apply. Scholarships are very competitive—especially those that offer large rewards—but there are ways to improve your chances for receiving them. If you have a high GPA or high test scores, then target academic scholarships. While most scholarships are merit-based, there are also others for certain races, religion, or special circumstances. There are even scholarships for being left-handed! Try to compile a list of scholarships for which you plan to apply.

There are websites that can aid you in your search. There are millions of scholarships to choose from and many offer free money to help pay for college. These websites can help narrow down the scholarships according to your characteristics and achievements and provide a list of scholarships for which you are eligible. After you have taken the initial step of searching for college, begin prioritizing your list based on importance and deadlines.

Be sure to start applying for scholarships early. You might need recommendation letters or you may need to write an essay; it’s always a good idea to be ahead of the game. Organize your scholarships and make sure to meet your deadlines. Try to increase your chances of winning scholarships by applying to ones that complement your characteristics. Now, you should be on your way.