May 7th, 2012

Test Taking

Hello readers! I hope all is well and you are preparing for the end of the school year. Around this time of the year, things begin to get hectic. This is a stressful time of year, but don’t become distraught in all the craziness.

Before you get lazy, don’t forget you still have to finish up your last couple weeks of school. I know many students struggle with test taking. Eventually you just get tired of taking tests and by the end of the year, you end up feeling a lot less motivated. Or in some cases, many students get anxious and stressed out before taking tests.

Never fear, there are a variety of ways to help you keep calm and do the best that you can on those tests. First, if you are one of those students that slowly but surely gets more lazy with test taking, you need to wake up. These tests most definitely count; after all they are a large part of your grade. If you are getting “End of the Year Laziness Syndrome,” then you need to quickly snap out of it. Make sure you study days in advance for any test you might have. I know a lot of us just love to procrastinate, but that will not impact your grades in a positive way.

For those of you nervous test-takers, take a deep breath. I know many students who get test anxiety. The best thing you can do is study so that on the day of the test you are prepared and you can let off some of that stress. Although you may not think it is important, getting a good night’s sleep and eating a good breakfast can actually help you on tests. You will stay more alert and focused. Just always remember to take a deep breath, because there is no need to freak out over a test; if you studied, then you should be fine. With that being said, hang in there because summer is fast approaching!