June 5th, 2012

Summer Fun!

Summer is just around the corner! If you’re like me, you have probably been anticipating summer for a while. A few more days and school will be out. Seniors will be moving on to the next phase of their lives, while juniors have one more year in high school. In time, we juniors will also be moving on to college or other ventures. Next year our schedules will become quite hectic as we begin applying for colleges. The free time we have during summer is a perfect time to start the process.

Summer should be your time to start searching for scholarships and colleges. It should be the time when you start making a list of what colleges you are applying to and what scholarships you are planning to pursue. Pick colleges that have excellent programs in the majors or fields you are considering, but make sure you have backup plans in case you’re not accepted at your top choice. Many scholarships require essays—most of them even ask the same questions as college applications. You can start writing these generic essays during summer so you’ll have time to revise and improve them. Some of these essays include topics about serving your community and your greatest challenges. These should be your top priorities during the summer.

You may also have summer projects or assignments to complete. These usually include reading books or writing essays. Try to manage your time wisely during the summer and read these books thoroughly. Summer projects usually give your teachers a first impression of your work ethic, so complete these to the best of your ability. They can be a burden while you’re trying to have fun or focused on preparing for college, so try to complete them as soon as possible.

This summer I will be going to a summer camp for five weeks to expand my knowledge ofbiology and hopefully perform research. During this camp, I will attempt to partition and prioritize my time between the camp’s activities and my plans. Hopefully, you will enjoy your summer and feel well prepared for college. If you start now, you will have a head start on your search and you’ll be able to thoroughly prepare. This will be my last post until school starts again. So until then, have a good summer!