October 11th, 2012

How to write right

If you haven’t noticed yet, many college and scholarship applications require essays. The essays can range anywhere from a couple of words to as much as a 500 word essay. Many ask what you have accomplished while more unique ones ask you to invent a new product. Regardless of which essay colleges ask you to write, they all determine your chances of getting into college. College admissions officers use essays to determine your writing skills, and it shows them a different side of you.

College essays should show your style. This is what will separate you from other applicants. Your style should be unique. If you stick out, colleges will be able to distinguish you from the thousands of other students applying. Write with passion. Tell a story that shows your personality. Essays serve to tell far more about you than a list of your achievements. Your character and personal qualities are important in admissions decisions. There are many students with high grades and scores but there are not as many who can write while revealing their personality.

Your essays should also tackle something interesting; whether it is a life changing event or an impressive feat. However, do not repeat what is already in your application. College admissions officers want to see a side of you that they can’t get from your application alone. If allowed, use your artistic license and talk about something that tells a story. The overall tone of your essay should leave them desiring more. This way they will not dismiss your essay as just one of the others.

After you have written your essay, ensure that you or one of the teacher reviews it. An essay is a fundamental part of your application. Your mechanics and your narrative both matter. Stay focused and edit your essays to perfection. With an outstanding essay you could be well on your way to be enrolled at your dream school! Good Luck!