November 15th, 2012

Rigorous Scheduling

Happy November, my lovely readers! I am going to discuss something that stands out to colleges and universities: a rigorous schedule. If you challenge yourself in high school, admissions officers will feel confident in admitting you to their school because they are safe to assume that you are a hard worker. Not to mention that challenging yourself in high school helps you in the long run because you gain study skills and time management skills.

What is a rigorous schedule, you ask? Well, one with plenty of honors, AP, or IB classes of course! I would recommend that if you are strong in certain subjects, you take the more advanced courses for that subject. For example, my strong point is English so this year I am taking AP Literature. I’m not saying that all your classes must be honors or AP, but I highly advise that you have some of those classes mixed into your schedule.

Some advanced classes I have taken are Honors Chemistry, AP Literature, Honors Economics, and AP Government. I balance out my schedule with an elective (dance) and regular-level classes. My weak point is math, so I take regular-level math. The key to surviving your classes, but still excelling, is to have a balanced schedule. But make sure you have plenty of classes that provide rigor and a challenge.