December 5th, 2012

End of the Year Grades

Welcome back readers! It seems as though winter arrived sooner than we thought! And with winter, comes sickness going around at school. This is irrelevant to my blog, but I am just warning you to make sure you stay healthy and keep your immune system up! I recently got sick and it is stressful having to make up work for school. The worst time to fall behind in school is right before finals creep up on us vulnerable students.

I am sure that for most of you, finals are coming up and you are less than excited about them. The key to success regarding your finals is to prepare ahead of time. Procrastination is especially frowned upon when it comes to semester finals. If you constantly study and learn the material in your class, then you shouldn’t worry all that much. Make a study guide ahead of time and even have study sessions with friends. I cannot say enough times: do not start studying for finals the week of finals! You MUST begin preparation ahead of time.

It may seem like a lot of work to make study guides for all your finals, but now is not the time to get lazy (I’m talking to you seniors too!). Once students reach their senior year they can become incredibly lethargic and unmotivated about school. “I’m graduating soon, my grades don’t really matter at this point.” FALSE. Your grades always matter. Not to mention that universities can take back your admittance into their school if you are failing your classes at the end of the year. Seniors, hang in there and keep working hard because in the end it will all be worth it!