December 5th, 2012


During your search for colleges, some applications will ask you for the major you choose to undertake. While this will not be binding, it is advisable that you have at least some idea of what you will choose during your studies in college. There are hundreds of majors available in many colleges—anywhere from Biology to Puppetry. Once you begin to narrow down your options, ensure that these colleges have the major you desire. It would not be favorable to enroll in a college only to find out that you cannot learn what you chose to go to college for in the first place.

When choosing a college major, you should reflect on your interests and goals. Your abilities can aid you in your choosing. If you are passionate and well versed in science, then you could choose Biology or Chemistry. If you enjoy math, major in it! If you need further advice, your counselors will be available. Tell them about your interests and what career you would possibly like to pursue. Ask your peers or family about the paths they chose to take. Once you have absorbed their advice and reflected, choose the colleges that have a decent program in the major you have chosen. This way you can ensure that you will receive a quality education while pursuing your passion.

While selecting your college major is important, it is not a permanent decision. Although you will have to declare a major sometime in your college career, it is not uncommon for students to change their majors once enrolled. You may find that the major you previously coveted might not be the best fit. Stick to your interests and follow them. You will find a subject that will drive you. In the meantime, continue applying and researching!