February 20th, 2013


Greetings, one and all! My name is Allison Williams and I am the newest member of the ACT student blogging team. I am currently a junior at Westlake High School in Atlanta, Georgia and like many of you, I am preparing myself for my post-secondary education. For me, the importance of education is best noted in this quote by Malcolm X, “Education is the passport to our future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” So, I trudge to my school day after day; gazing at the senior portraits that are posted along the halls and seeing the senior class celebrate their achievements. But these achievements do not happen overnight, so I am here to take you through my journey.

When a person possesses a certain talent, it is natural to wonder where that talent came from or why they have it. Writing happens to be a talent of mine but in truth it is more than that; this is my passion. I write to empower myself but now I am writing to help and empower others. This blog is about how I can use my experiences as a high school student to assist students just like me who may be confused about this entire process. I’m writing this blog so that maybe another individual can relate to the struggles of trying to make it into college and feel like it’s not impossible to get the glorious acceptance letter they have always dreamt of.

The classes and extra-curricular activities I participate in are a clear reflection of what I wish to do in college and beyond. I’m Junior President of the National Honor Society at Westlake and an active member of both the National Beta Club and Healthcare Occupational Students of America, better known as HOSA. The first two organizations specialize in community service and the latter focuses on professional development in the medical field. As an aspiring psychiatrist, I enjoy being a member of all three because they help me develop social and leadership skills. My schedule is filled with Honors and advanced classes like pre-calculus and pharmacy fundamentals. My favorite class of the day, though, is my journalism class. I have the honor of serving as editor of the school newspaper, which is incredibly fun because I have the chance to write a variety of articles that are cool, crazy, and sometimes controversial.

When I was a freshman, my Honors literature teacher did an icebreaker to discover our personality type. The activity was super fun and getting know my new classmates personally was exciting; once I completed the questionnaire I discovered I was a “green”. According to the little piece of paper I received, this meant that I was enigmatic, highly intelligent, inquisitive, quirky, and a creative visionary. To my surprise, the card was 100 percent accurate. I pride myself on being an intelligent leader who is sometimes slightly awkward but is still sociable and always knows how to get the job done. The paper forgot to mention that I am also a caring person who is always looking for ways to brighten someone’s day. I hope to brighten my readers’ day or at least aid them in their pre-collegiate process; this is something no one can do alone, I am here to make sure none of you have to. Until next time, study hard and stay focused—college is closer than you think.