February 20th, 2013

Introducing Jessica

Hello everyone,

My name is Jessica and I’m from Moanalua High School in Honolulu, Hawaii.  What I will be doing is sharing my thoughts and experiences with you of my preparation and transition into college. Hopefully, I will be of great help by offering you some useful advice and just know that you are not alone!

In the beginning days of high school, students realize how time quickly flies. Instead of feeling like it’s been nine years of elementary and junior high, it seems it has only been three. What lies ahead are the four years of high school and after that, college. However, at this moment, it is the second semester of junior year. Only a year and a half away from hearing that graduation song play as we receive our diploma. What’s racing through our minds is doing well on those standardized tests, making sure we have enough extra-curricular activities, and decent or excellent grades to get into the college we desire.

Before I can begin blogging about topics such as studying for the ACT, being involved in sports/clubs, or deciding on which college to attend, I must first introduce myself and tell you folks a little bit about me. I consider myself to be a very kind and caring person. I’m always thinking of others and how I can assist them in any way or put a smile on their face. Whenever anyone asks me to do something, I always say yes and happily do it. In fact, I think some people perceive me as being a pushover.  Another quality I possess is that I am very inquisitive. I have quite the curiosity and so I love to ask questions, even to the point of irritability. I’m also a hard worker. If given a task, I will put in 110% of my effort. I do not like to disappoint the people who are counting on me.  Lastly, I am a well-rounded. Not only am I an honor student who is striving to be a valedictorian, but I participate in sports such as tennis and judo and am in numerous clubs like the National Honor Society and the International Action (Interact) Club. Partaking in sports has taught me to never give up even though you are pushed past your limits because at the end of the day, you will survive. You will be rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment. Being in clubs, you have the opportunity to do a lot of volunteer work. I was able to learn leadership and gratitude. I also realized that I loved serving the community and just knowing I make even a tad of a difference makes me feel like I have a purpose. Being in extra-curricular activities has allowed me to meet many new people that have become my good friends.

My top two hobbies lie in singing and yoga. Singing has been my passion since I was a very little girl. This school year, I joined my school’s talent contest and showed the gift God has blessed me with. I did win 2nd place and from there I decided to take it more seriously and begin singing lessons.  After the contest, I learned it takes dedication, sacrifice, hard work, and time to be truly successful. I was so grateful for the learning experience. Yoga has been something I grabbed from my freshman year in PE class. I loved it so much and have been practicing it ever since. Not only has it released tension from my mind and body, but it has taught me patience. It takes a lot of patience in order to perfect a pose. All these things that I have learned can be applied to all areas of my life and maybe what I have written will make you realize some things too.

Well, that sure has been enough of me! I hope you enjoyed getting to know your future blogger! I really do hope that my blogs will be able to ease your suffering of the road ahead. I look forward to writing to you folks! Bye!