February 28th, 2013

Intro Blog

Hello! I hope you all are having a wonderful day. My name is Alex Donahue and I am currently a junior at Hillcrest High School in Alabama. I enjoy writing, and I believe this blog will help me to make better decisions for the beginning of college and the end of high school for me and maybe for you. My purpose for this blog will be to write about my personal high school experiences and about planning for college.

For the most part I enjoy high school. Of course it can be tricky and stressing at times but it is all worth it when I receive the grade I wanted on a test or on an assignment. Trying your best is always the right choice. For me the right choice was taking rigorous classes. I have taken college preparatory classes and one AP class throughout my high school years. I am currently in AP Language and I am glad I have taken it because I have learned so much about writing essays. If your high school offers any AP courses, I recommend you take them because they have many benefits, including saving you money on classes in college. Once I passed my AP US History exam, I was so happy because I knew I would not have to take the class in college.

I am interested in either becoming a lawyer or a nurse. I have not decided yet but both seem to fit me. I have been told before that I am a caring person and I guess I can agree with that because I love to help people who are in need. I am interested in becoming a lawyer because it seems like an interesting career for me. I would have to get an outstanding score on my ACT in order to get into Honors College at the University of Alabama, which is where I am planning to attend college.

High school and college are very important years of our lives because those are the years where we find out who we are and what we want to be. In high school you will find out what you like and don’t like concerning your major and eventually your career. I believe that you should pick a career that will fit your personality and that will bring joy to your life. It is hard to choose a major in college, but the bright side of choosing a major is you can always change it if you feel like it is not right for you. Once you choose a major, you are one step closer to your life as an individual. I hope you all make the right decision involving your major and I am looking forward to writing more for you.