March 13th, 2013

Preparing for the ACT

Hi everyone,

I’m a horrible test taker—just getting it out there. All that pressure from a time limit really gets to me. When I’m rushed, I don’t perform as well I want to. I’m quite positive most of you feel the same way. Or you could be one of the lucky ones who do better under pressure. Oh, how I envy you folks!

I am frightened to take the ACT because I don’t want to receive the results and find out that I did poorly. That would just leave me very disappointed and miserable. The fact that the ACT is probably one of the most important tests we will ever have to take is another thing that scares me. Your score helps determine what college you get into and your eligibility for scholarships. Unfortunately, college is expensive. If only it could cost a $1,000 a year, right? Instead, we have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars that will leave us in debt for years. That is why trying to get your hands on any available financial aid/scholarship is so imperative. Apply for those sorts of things in order to lower the burden as much as you can. I’m hoping to get a scholarship so I must do well!

Prepare, prepare, prepare! I’m not sure when the rest of you are taking the ACT, but my school is administering it in April, so I have about a month left to prepare. I review about two to three times a week for about an hour. I have software and the Princeton Review book that provides tips, examples, drills, etc., on the ACT. If you haven’t already, be sure to get one of those. They really help. You don’t want to take the ACT without familiarizing yourself with the test format and content. Also, be sure to do the quizzes they offer and time yourself. Make it seem like you’re taking the actual test. Then, review the same section another time and take the quiz once more to look for improvement. Have fun reviewing!