March 13th, 2013

Start Your Engines…

The road to college is indeed a long one and it may seem like an impossible journey, but this, I say, is simply not true. Outside factors like budget cuts and tuition increases, or inner conflicts such as the fear of failure, all present themselves as road blocks—obstacles that could prevent you from achieving your goals—but with a dependable vehicle, some of these obstacles can be overcome. Starting up your “college cab” requires a nice set of tires, a tank full of gas, and a clear map to guide you through it all.

There isn’t a car in existence that can accelerate without tires. This means you, a student, will likely have a difficult time moving forward without an adequate GPA, acceptable standardized test scores, and support from a parent, a family member, a teacher, or a friend. Each of these factors, or tires, is equally important because in many ways, they depend on the others to be successful. These “tires “encourage the car toward its destination, but only if there is enough gas in the tank.

Cars need fuel, right? Right. Whether it is petroleum, ethanol, diesel, or electricity, cars call for something that makes them move forward. Similarly, each of us needs determination and persistence to move us through high school and on to college. This “gas” is your greatest asset because no one can take it away.

The last item you should have before heading down this unfamiliar road is a map. A well-written map with at least a few of your goals regarding the remainder of your high school career and your postsecondary education, better known as college, is essential; veering off of the road is much easier when you have no idea where you’re going. Once you have your tires, your gas, and an accurate map, your “college cab” should be ready to roll. Until next time, stay focused and study hard; college is closer than you think.