March 13th, 2013

ACT Prepping

Hello again! I hope you guys enjoyed my previous thoughts and comments as much as I enjoyed writing them for you in my last blog . . ., but now it’s time to get down to business and talk a little about ACT prep. Currently, I am planning on taking the ACT on April 13. In preparation for this test, I decided to take an ACT prep class that is offered at my school. This class has helped me prepare for the ACT in ways that I could never imagine. This class is nine weeks long and it has taught me so much about the ACT in such a short amount of time. I understand that some people who have taken this prep class have seen their ACT scores shoot up 2 to 3 points! The prep course lets me take multiple practice tests, which gives me a good feel of what kinds of questions I am actually going to see on the ACT and, just as important, how to properly allot my time for each of the sections. If your school offers a class similar to this one, it is a great idea to take it. I have not only enjoyed the class, I have seen amazing results on my practice ACT scores.

If your school doesn’t offer an ACT prep course, there are other alternatives to taking an actual class like this one offered at my school.

  1. You can go online to and check out their test prep tips.
  2. There are apps you can buy from the app store for an iPhone or an iPod Touch, and these apps are generally inexpensive.
  3. If you know anyone that has already taken the ACT and has done well, maybe you can ask them to give you some tips.
  4. If your school does not have one, there may be a local college around your town that offers a class on the ACT.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for the ACT—and good luck!