April 3rd, 2013

Getting Involved

Time for filling out college applications is coming very near. Each one of us wants to show off who we are and make ourselves seem great for the universities we are applying to. However, in order to do so, not only should you excel academically, but also participate in extracurricular activities. Showing that you were involved in sports, numerous clubs/teams, and volunteering shows that you’re well-rounded. It makes a great addition to your application and makes you seem more valuable. Being involved in extracurricular activities shows that you are capable of juggling multiple things at once. If you maintain good grades, it indicates you are responsible and have good time management.

Joining a sport challenges both your body and mind. It also teaches you valuable lessons, such as sportsmanship, never giving up, and that practice and commitment will make you better. These qualities appeal to colleges. If you have been in or already are in a sport, that’s great! If not, there is a sport out there for everyone. There must be something you find interesting and fun. Try out and work to get better at it! Although, you don’t have to be in a sport to look like a great applicant. As long as you are highly involved in other things, you should be fine.

There are many clubs out there: drama, service, speech and debate, DECA, robotics, etc. The clubs you join show where your interests lie and that tells colleges a little more about yourself. Also, in a club you develop skills that your club is focused on and you meet many people. A new school year is coming up, so decide what you would like to be involved in.

Volunteering in the community is a great experience. However, don’t do it just to look good on applications. Do it with the intention of really wanting to help others. Volunteer at a place where you know you would be happy. If you like kids, go help at a daycare. If you enjoy the company of elder folks, visit a care home. Do something you strongly believe in or care about. You’ll make a positive difference, small or big, in someone else’s life and that is the best reward. Go search up some places you think you would be interested in and start whenever you’re free!