April 3rd, 2013

Choosing the Right College

Hello everyone! I enjoyed writing my last blog with some tips for you to consider when taking the ACT, but now it’s time to focus on a different subject—choosing the right college. Choosing the right college may be the first or second toughest decision you will have to make during this process, equivalent to the decision of selecting your major. Both decisions have so many variables and options that it can be overwhelming at times. My choices and “wish list” are going to be completely different from anyone else’s because we are all unique.

Having an idea of your possible career aspirations is the basis of choosing the right school. It would not make sense to choose a college that didn’t offer the coursework, degree, or major that your heart desires just because it had a popular name. If you are not sure what college would be a good fit, there are online sources like ACT’s College Search where you can get an idea of what schools would fit you best. This resource can help you determine what you specifically want from a college. However, there are some generic questions that everyone should answer when considering their choice of colleges: Is the college in my home state or would I be an “out of state” student. Does it offer the degree or the major that I wish to pursue? Does the school have all of the other features and benefits that I have on my “wish list”? Considering these few questions will put you on track for choosing the right college.

There are so many colleges around the country and even more internationally for you to choose from. If you are interested in an international college, there are colleges here in America that have established partnerships with colleges in different countries. Once you have narrowed your options, you might want to consider scheduling a campus visit (If you can). Campus visits are the best way to determine if you like the college life, and some colleges will let you sit in on a class so you can get the complete college experience. Your final decision will be based on what you enjoy the most and what you believe is the best fit for you. I hope these tips prove to be helpful in choosing the best college for you. Don’t forget to have fun during this process!!