April 18th, 2013

What to Consider When Looking at Colleges

At this point in time, you should be considering the colleges you might want to attend. Do tons of research regarding location, tuition, ACT/SAT score requirements, and financial aid. Also, be sure to check out universities’ websites, read student reviews, and watch online campus tours. Those will give you a much better idea if you are truly interested in a college. You should be well informed about everything so you can make the best decisions and cross out the ones that no longer seem to fit.

I advise you to choose a good number of schools you feel confident you’d be accepted into. That is because submitting college applications can be quite costly. A college application fee can cost up to $75. If you decide to apply to 7 schools, that already adds up to a half thousand dollars. Be aware and prepared for any payments you are going to have to make.

My Situation: I’m looking at universities in Washington, California, Illinois, and here in Hawaii. I’d really like to go to the mainland, but my parents have made it clear that I am to stay on this island. You see, I am an only child. I am everything to them. My mom claims that if I were to leave, she would want to die because it would be too painful. My dad is afraid of the possibility that something tragic might happen while I am away. He doesn’t want to have to worry every second of the day. My crazy, overprotective, but caring parents are holding me back and I’m sure some of you folks are in the same boat. Another reason why staying in Hawaii would be a good choice for me is that it is a lot cheaper, and I’m hoping to get a good scholarship. Also, taking a plane back and forth to the mainland and having to pay the living expenses is all too much. It’s simply unaffordable.

Be sure to consider anything and everything when thinking of that list of universities! Good luck researching & contemplating!