May 6th, 2013

My ACT Testing Experience

“The ACT” … just saying this phrase sounds intimidating and can strike fear into the hearts of the most confident of students. In reality, it can be intimidating IF you overanalyze it. Obviously, everyone wants to get the best score they can when taking this test because it is one of the key factors in determining if they can get into the college they want. Doing well on the ACT can also help you earn scholarships, so it has to be taken seriously. I personally have taken the ACT twice, and I definitely took it much more seriously the second time. I worked to prepare the first time, but I went into the first test with no personal experience of what to expect. While I did OK, I knew I could do better.

The second time, I went into the testing room prepared for anything, but I knew I should keep from stressing out and overanalyzing the test because by doing so, it would only work against me and could actually lower my score. I knew that I had to be positive about the test and confident that I could make a great score. I mean … I didn’t study for nothing, right? Both times when I entered the testing room, the first thing I thought of was how intimidating and formal it looked and how everyone else looked just as nervous as I did. Everyone was assigned a seat and it was incredibly organized. The testing room itself made the situation seem even more surreal. Now it was time to put all my knowledge and study efforts to the test. I was ready.

Like I said earlier, this was my second time taking the test, so once the test began I was not as nervous as the first time. I actually found myself a little excited. I was glad I had taken the ACT study class my school offered and I was now more confident about the format of the test and what the questions would look like. However, even if I had studied more, it wouldn’t have kept my heart from beating so fast and my mind from racing the moment the proctor told everyone to open their test booklets. I took all the portions of the test and, like anything else that you spend time preparing for, it was not as bad as I expected it to be. The test might seem to be incredibly intimidating but it is never as bad as you make it out to be in your mind.

If you study and prepare for the test, you can make the score you want. Earlier this week, I received my results for this second ACT and I improved my score by a little over 20%, so all of the studying did pay off. I am pleased with my results.

Good luck to everyone who is taking the ACT in June. I am excited to write my next blog and speak to you all again.