June 14th, 2013

ACT Test Day!

The week leading up to the exam was just terrible, so on the day of the ACT, I did not feel as prepared as I had hoped to be. After it was over, I decided I would retake it (possibly after the summer). In each section, I was unable to finish the last column of the bubbles. When the teacher exclaimed, “You have 5 minutes remaining,” I randomly bubbled in the answers. I hated that I had to do that. I spent too much time on certain questions. Please don’t be like me! Pace yourself and check the clock often. There may have been numerous questions I would have felt assured in, but never had the chance to answer with real thought.

Each section had its fair share of easy and difficult questions. In my opinion, I found the English and Science segments to be easiest. In the English part, I enjoyed correcting the mistakes. For most of the Science section, it just required you to be able to read and understand the graphs and tables. The Math and Reading were most difficult. It was in these sections where I spent a great deal of time working on particular problems. I felt like I couldn’t move on without being confident with what I was bubbling in. I had to suffer the consequences in the end. Also, be sure to thoroughly review the math concepts, because I had forgotten certain rules that dealt with geometry. As for the first half of the Reading test, I read the entire passage which was a total waste of time because a majority of the questions were ones I could have skimmed and looked up. The Writing portion had an easy topic to write about, so the 30 minutes given was just the right amount of time needed to complete the essay.

I’m a bit disappointed in myself because I know I could have done a lot better. My pacing needs some real work and so does my preparation and attitude. I wasn’t too confident that morning. Negative thoughts occupied my mind. I should have had a different mindset where I only thought positively. I didn’t believe in myself so that is why I know I have to take another ACT. I have to fix all my faults.

Anyhow, the end of the school year is near. I’m sure we all can’t wait for summer and to be seniors! Just one more year! Good luck with your final exams, guys!