June 14th, 2013

So Long, Junior Year!

Finally, junior year has come to an end. As I reflect on this school year, I think about the various lessons I learned from my teachers, my advisors, and each of my noteworthy classes. This year was treacherous, but valuable; I discovered something new about myself regularly. As I return my textbooks, clean my locker, and say “Sayonara!” to my crazy classmates, I remind myself how I have grown academically and socially.

In one short school year, I became more academically efficient than I ever thought I could be. My teachers were serious from the start, so I quickly became more organized, punctual, and detailed. In order to conquer my more challenging classes such as AP Chemistry and Pre-Calculus, I was forced to attend regular tutoring sessions—something I wasn’t quite used to. I learned that one should never be too proud to seek help from an instructor or peer; refusing help because you think you know it all may prevent you from obtaining new information or gaining clarity on past topics. My newfound love for details stemmed from my language/composition class, where I faced an especially tough woman with the sharpest eye and the highest standards. She taught me to take a closer look at my writing, because my first thoughts were not always my best ones. In short, I learned to set aside more time to perfect the task or assignment at hand.

Needless to say, having a respectable academic record is important, but possessing satisfactory character is also necessary to having a successful high school/college career. This year, I was introduced to a flock of new people, many of whom I’ve never even seen before. In addition to that, I was chosen to lead a few organizations and events, which significantly improved my leadership skills. I’ve always had a love for speaking, but I did not know how essential it was to know how to speak clearly and effectively under pressure. These skills will surely be useful in the future, whether it be at my high school graduation or first college presentation.

My junior year of high school was memorable for several reasons: I learned to set aside my pride for the greater good of my education and I attained enhanced communication expertise. Although summer is here, I do not plan on being lazy; my job and volunteer work will keep me busy. College planning will continue and my search for scholarships will be in full swing. This highly anticipated summer will be filled with productive activities and some much needed rest, as I prepare for my final year as a high school student.