August 8th, 2013

Summer — So Far, So Good

Hi everyone! I hope your summer has been as peaceful and relaxing as mine has been so far. My summer highlight would have to be going to Samford University for “Super Summer Alabama,” a Bible camp where I met and made lots of new friends. I am already excited about going back next year! Other than this trip, I have been hanging out with my friends by the pool or going to work.

Of course I still have my normal responsibilities during the summer, including my chores, my job, and finishing my summer reading assignments—which I have almost completed. For this assignment, I had to read three books: There Eyes Were Watching GodCatcher in the Rye, and Much Ado About Nothing. My favorite so far has been Catcher in the Rye because I enjoyed the plot and found Holden’s thoughts to be very captivating. Along with my summer reading books I have also read other books for pleasure. My bookshelf had several books that I had been meaning to read, but I had not found the time until this summer.

I have continued to work part time at the local skating rink to earn some spending money for the “back to school” items I wanted. As a teenager, I love to buy new things, but I don’t like to spend my hard earned money. I am very grateful for my job, which has allowed me to earn money over the entire summer.

I still have two weeks left to soak up as much sun and fun as I can until I will be back in school EVERY DAY. I plan to use every minute of it enjoying my free time with no schedule and doing whatever I please. I still plan to go to Six Flags over Georgia and to another Bible camp for some thrilling rope courses.

While this summer has been one of the best, I am a bit sad because it will be my last summer break before I begin my senior year in high school. But at the same time, I cannot wait to start my senior year, graduate high school, and begin my next journey into college.

I hope your first day of classes go well!!