August 29th, 2013

My Last Year!

Hey everybody! I recently picked up my schedule for next year (the dreaded senior year), and I immediately realized that I have a pretty difficult year ahead of me. I’m going to be taking AP Calculus, AP Physics, AP U.S. Government and Civics, AP Literature and Composition, an honors Spanish class, and then Wind Ensemble and Journal. To say that I’ll be busy would be a huge understatement. I’m looking forward to all of my classes, but balancing all of the homework and extracurricular activities like tennis and the Gay-Straight Alliance will be really tough.

I’m really excited to be doing band again. Between playing at football and basketball games, marching in parades, and playing in concerts, I love everything about band. I really like the music, and playing the clarinet is always a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time. It’s very easy to sit back and enjoy the music, and I find being in the band very therapeutic.

I’m also quite eager for Journal to begin again. This year, I’ll officially be taking over as the editor-in-chief of the online edition of The Wa-Hi Journal. I love being able to see and hear about everything that’s going on at Wa-Hi, and the Journal staff is like a family. They’re all very nice people, and a pleasure to work with.

However, my schedule isn’t entirely sunshine and happiness. I’ve got a lot of work and a lot of studying ahead of me. I’m really nervous about taking four AP classes again, because last year it was very difficult to keep up with everything, especially once the tennis season started. Although that doesn’t mean that I’m not looking forward to some of the classes. I can’t wait to take Physics, as it’s always been an interesting subject to me. I’m also very excited for the Government and Civics class, because history has always been one of my favorite classes.

All in all, I’d say that I’m pretty happy with my schedule right now. There will definitely be some rough days with lots of homework, but I think I can handle it. With school starting again in a little over a week, I can’t wait to see what senior year holds for me.