August 29th, 2013

Living a Double Life

Let it be known that I, Allison Williams, am living a double life. I am a hardworking high school student by day and a heavenly hostess by night. Whether I am toting textbooks or to-go orders, I am always working to improve myself. Balancing my schoolwork and my part-time job is by no means an easy task but it is neither impossible nor unrewarding.

In the months prior to Spring Break 2013, I complained about not having money of my own and being bored on the weekends, so I decided to change my situation by obtaining a job. It was no secret how ecstatic I was to start my first job, but a few weeks in, I became slightly overwhelmed with how many assignments I had to do, how many tests I had to study for, and how many hours I had to work. By the time final exams arrived, I was a walking catastrophe. I didn’t allow the stress to overcome me and I finished the year on a good note, but I made a summer plan: to learn how to balance two sides of an awfully important scale.

After working all summer, I was prepared to put my plan into action. I rearranged my hours so that I work weekends; this way I have time to complete my homework after school. I also created a school schedule that would not destroy my GPA or my sanity. The key to maintaining a first-rate academic record as well as a part-time job is to be realistic about your abilities. It’s alright if you cannot work 7 days a week; set a schedule that allows you to have leisure time and, more importantly, relaxation time. As long as your class schedule is not too demanding and your job is manageable, balancing school and work is entirely possible and actually quite fun. As for me, I will continue to engage in my double life as if I was a comic book character. Until next time, stay focused and study hard—college is closer than you think.