September 27th, 2013

Make the Most of It

Work, work, work… That is all I have been doing now that school has started.  I thought my senior year of high school was going to be fun but, it sure doesn’t look like it’s going to be that way for me.  This year my school has decided to make a drastic change to our schedules.  We changed from having four 90-minute class periods each semester, to EIGHT!  That’s right, eight class periods per semester that are fifty minutes long.  This means I have twice as much homework than before and have lost the majority of my free time.  I am sure that this new schedule has its advantages but, I am not yet accustomed to it.  I can only see that it has made my work load much heavier.  I am taking two AP classes, six Advanced Core classes and two electives.  I have already realized that I need to shape up fast or my GPA will take a major hit.

Apparently, the advantage of this new schedule is that we take these eight courses all year long.  This is supposed to allow us to be able to remember the course material so we can do better on our standardized tests.  So, while it may be more work, this schedule should help everyone do better on their ACT scores.  One cool thing that I get to do this year is spend time as a library assistant.  It is my favorite class and allows me time to read books and help the librarians with little tasks around the library.  I still believe that your senior year is the best time to have fun and to create memories in the company of good friends.  I am working hard to make that happen.