October 10th, 2013

School Search

School has been in session for a little over two months and I am finally beginning to adjust. My schedule has been re-organized and my work load is evening out. Other aspects of my life such as extra-curricular activities, job, and leisure time have also arranged themselves into my schedule quite nicely. My life’s “puzzle” is slowly coming together but the piece that is currently most important, is also the only piece missing. It is no one’s fault but my own that I have not finalized my college choices nor have I begun submitting applications of any kind. Everyone around me is running the race, while I have yet to pass the starting line.

Contrary to popular belief, I am a master procrastinator, the perfect prolonger. I have an unhealthy habit of waiting until a few days or even a few hours until completing something of importance. One might wonder how this is possible, considering I have been taking advanced/college courses throughout high school. To be frank, I’m not sure how I have managed to maintain my level of academic excellence given my terrible habits. Although this method did not interfere with my high school success, it will likely hinder my success at the collegiate level. My procrastination problem ended as of last week. I immediately embarked on my journey to find the perfect colleges for me.

A number of factors are being considered as a search for my dream school. The first factor I consider is whether or not the university offers my major. What is the point of attending a school that does not offer the major that I need for my ideal career? Not only do I look for the school to have my major, but I also research if the program is strong or well-known. The university’s location is also something I think about due to potential travelling expenses. How far away you go to school also determines how often you can come home to see your family and friends. The very last factor I consider when I am selecting a college or university is the cost of attendance. I try not to let the expensive prices deter me from that school, especially if it is a perfect fit for me.

This college search is bringing about a great deal of change in my life. First and foremost, I am working towards ending my procrastination habits. By the end of this search I will know where I will be beginning my life after high school. This process is a long and tedious one but, every minute is vital. My college search consists of a thorough investigation of the selection of majors, the location, and the cost of various schools throughout the United States. This search is fun, it’s frustrating, and believe it or not, it’s almost finished.