November 8th, 2013

Time to Study

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy and stressful for me. I just recently adjusted to my new schedule and then it was time to take our 9 weeks exams. This means I have been studying like crazy these past few weeks. Because of so many new classes and my increased homework load I have had to come up with a new studying technique to help balance my activities with my school work. I have had to sacrifice little things that I want to do so I can complete what needs to be done like chores and homework.

Here are a few of my study techniques that I find helpful:

1. Make flashcards and self-test: You can make them the old-fashion way by putting a pen to the note card or you can go onto a flashcard website that allows you to make note cards and study them online. You can also print out the note cards to take on the go in case you cannot get on the internet to study them.

2. Do not cram: Spreading your studying over a period of time has helped more people to make successful grades when compared to students who cram the night before. When you are at home it is best to study notes that you took in class that day for fifteen minutes each day. This will help you remember the information better and usually works best with facts and definitions.

3. Ask questions: When you are studying, ask yourself how you know this or why something is the way it is. Finding the answer on your own is a helpful way to remember the answer because you went after it yourself. If you can teach it then you understand it.

4. Do not procrastinate: It will get you nowhere. Procrastination only causes stress which will result in mistakes.

5. Attitude is the key: It is always good to have a positive attitude when studying because it helps the time go by quicker and usually will boost your confidence. With a positive attitude you can accomplish so much more and it can even help your grade.

I use these tips to study for simple quizzes and major tests. They usually make study time fly by and they are effective. I spend on average an hour a day studying and completing my homework. With the time I saved from cramming, I can now do the little things that I want and I do not stress as much. I hope these tips helped you!