November 8th, 2013

ACT Profile

ACT has created another way for curious high school students like me to discover their interests, abilities, values, potential college majors, and possible careers. ACT Profile is a free service I used to obtain a better understanding of myself. I recently created an ACT profile of my own and must say, I was beyond satisfied with my experience.

After creating my profile, I dove into a few of the inventory quizzes being offered. I completed the interest inventory first and found that I may prefer working with people and data. Coincidentally, my abilities inventory suggested I work with people and data as well.  I continued to explore the site, looking at careers and majors that interest me. My excitement grew as I scrolled through tons of college major summaries and thorough career profiles; everything I needed was all on one website.

ACT Profile is a phenomenal place to start when attempting to figure out what to major in and what career path to choose. The inventory questionnaires allowed me to clearly see how my interests, abilities, and values influence my choice of majors and ultimately, my career. The in-depth profiles of a variety of careers and majors will help me make wise decisions about the path I wish to take. ACT Profile also compares job outlook and salary by state, which is amazing, especially for those of us who are unsure of where we want to end up in this country—geographically. I am officially hooked on ACT Profile; I’m thrilled to have yet another resource that will assist me on my way to college.