Businesses and Employers

We offer complete solutions for employee selection and development.

When you ask for ACT's National Career Readiness Certificate at your business, you'll find only the most skilled employees.

Our powerful WorkKeys® suite offers both cognitive foundational skills assessments and personal skills measures, enabling you to assess the full potential of applicants and employees.

Benefits for Employers

  • Increase your bottom line by hiring the right employees
  • Reduce turnover
  • Take the guesswork out of your selection decisions
  • Improve the effectiveness of your training dollars
  • Determine individual and organization skill needs
  • Aid communication between employers and educators or trainers

Case Studies

It doesn't cost a thing to add a prerequisite to any job description that requires an applicant to present a National Career Readiness Certificate. It is simply a matter of asking for it: just ask for it. It's a very powerful, very simple message to not only employers, but job seekers—and unfortunately, we have plenty of those in Michigan. Jay Dunwell, president, Wolverine Coil Spring
Hiring really comes down to a skill match. There is some risk in taking the easy way out—making the quick hire rather than the quality hire. With WorkKeys, you can make the quality hire more quickly. Daniel Nichols, Director of system recruitment/Human Resources Information System, Inova Health System