WorkKeys Solutions Providers

ACT licenses organizations to provide local access to the WorkKeys system through the WorkKeys Solutions Provider program.

Providers include (but are not limited to) organizations such as:

  • two- and four-year colleges
  • vocational and adult education centers
  • one-stop centers
  • career counseling centers
  • other government agencies

There are hundreds of locations licensed to provide WorkKeys assessment services throughout the United States.

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What a WorkKeys Solutions Provider Does

Licensed providers resell WorkKeys assessments to employers and other third parties who pay for the tests on behalf of individual examinees.

Primary WorkKeys service offerings include:

  • WorkKeys test administration
  • WorkKeys scoring services
  • WorkKeys score reporting

Benefits of Becoming a WorkKeys Solutions Provider

  • organizational opportunities for growth and success
  • new ways to develop long-term relationships with local employers
  • the ability to help educators meet the needs of learners and local businesses
  • the opportunity to build a database of information about jobs in the local community

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