Where the Data Comes From

The information presented in these charts comes from more than 2,150,805 WorkKeys test records accumulated within the past year and almost 4,000 job profiles conducted over the past five years.

Data were from WorkKeys assessments administered in the United States. Although the sample may not be representative of all U.S. workers, the database is the largest available on U.S. job skills. As such, it’s the best information available for comparing the skills required by jobs and those possessed by workers.

The skills referred to in these charts are the generic, foundational skills held by workers who were tested or required by jobs that were profiled using the WorkKeys system.

The number of examinees for each skill area varies because not all of them took all the WorkKeys assessments.

For descriptive purposes, the jobs profiled can be grouped into six categories:

  • Administration and Sales
  • Business Operations
  • Technical
  • Science and Technology
  • Arts
  • Social Services

These correspond to the career clusters that help organize ACT’s World-of-Work Map.