Classroom Tips

  • Use KeyTrain curriculum and Career Ready 101 to raise WorkKeys skill levels and set individuals up for success.
  • Incorporate WorkKeys into the curriculum. Our Targets for Instruction help educators develop curricula and instructional strategies for the WorkKeys skill areas.
  • Prepare students by purchasing Practice Tests or Test Prep Booklets.
  • Help students use their WorkKeys scores. Browse the WorkKeys scores needed for different careers.
  • Encourage students to create an online account. Students can view all of their WorkKeys test scores from the past five years, see if they qualify for a National Career Readiness Certificate, and purchase a WorkKeys transcript.
  • Use WorkKeys scores to provide support and direction for decisions about continuing education beyond high school.
  • Be able to understand WorkKeys scores.
  • Give students their score reports. Use WorkKeys score reports to help students identify where they may need additional training before joining the workforce. This is a great way to be involved in your students' academic efforts.