Take the guesswork out of hiring by comparing potential employees' WorkKeys assessment scores with benchmarks based on occupational needs. The WorkKeys system provides several options to benchmark requirements needed for specific jobs and to make accurate, well-informed hiring decisions.

You also can reduce the time you spend on costly interviews and unqualified candidates. For example, the Talent assessment allows you to compare applicants' attitudes and behaviors to those of top performers in a specific job to determine the best candidates. Add that information to the Foundational Skills assessment results to identify individuals who have the skills to succeed on the job.

WorkKeys has saved money. The cost of the revolving door—hiring, training, letting people go; hiring, training, letting people go—is much higher than hiring the right people with the right skills to begin with. In fact, the revolving door has stopped. Nikki Rodgers, 911 communications coordinator, Lexington County, South Carolina

WorkKeys Helps 911 Operators/Dispatchers Answer the Call