Test Preparation Booklets

Only WorkKeys test sites can order these materials. Not all test sites have test prep packages available. Individuals may purchase online practice tests.

WorkKeys Prep Package—Booklet format

The WorkKeys Prep Package offers comprehensive test preparation for WorkKeys. Included in the package are:

  • practice test
  • answer key
  • estimated skill level worksheet
  • justification and scoring guide
  • testing tips
  • explanation of skill levels
  • directions for proceeding to take the real WorkKeys assessment

The package is available for people helping career seekers and students identify where they need improvement.

WorkKeys Practice Tests—Booklet format

Each practice test includes:

  • full-length questions
  • answer key
  • copy of an answer sheet

Practice tests offer individuals the opportunity to experience taking a WorkKeys test in a simulated situation prior to taking the regular assessment.

These packages are available for the following assessments:

How to Order

Call 800/WORKKEY or contact us for ordering information.