Applied Mathematics Skill Building Strategies

Strategies for Improving Skills to Level 4

  • Using prices from catalogs or ads, have learners figure totals and then a percent tax or discount. Filling out order blanks with several items, shipping charges, and tax is also a good method for practicing multiple-step problems.
  • Have learners figure averages based on graphs and diagrams from newspapers. For practice with fractions, have learners double recipes or other mixtures using fractional amounts.
  • Working with the stock market page, have learners simulate stock purchases by starting with a set amount (e.g., $1,000) and following their stocks, keeping track of price changes.
  • Using checkbooks with several entries, have learners figure the balance.
  • Give learners the data on miles driven and gas used for each of several cars or trucks and have them figure the miles per gallon for each. Once they have done this, they can also calculate the average rate for the fleet. Learners could also be given the mileage rate and then be asked to calculate the amount of gas needed for a 1,500-mile trip.
  • Have learners use proportions to calculate mixture amounts from the instructions on containers of lawn fertilizer, caulking compound, or other similar products.
  • Using distance and average speed, have learners calculate the time required for a specific trip.
  • Have learners use proportions to make scale drawings of the classroom or parking lot, stressing the accuracy of the scale.