Training & Test Preparation

Skills gaps can easily be identified using WorkKeys benchmarking and assessment tools. Now you know who will benefit from training and, specifically, what training modules to use. Because our benchmarking and assessment tools use the same scale, a simple comparison between the benchmarked job requirements and employee assessment scores shows where an individual needs development.

To help individuals prepare and improve WorkKeys scores, individuals can:

Use the scores as a tool, not as a hammer. Assessment results should never be viewed as a pass/fail measure for an individual's future. The scores are most valuable when used as one of several components in a hiring or promotion decision. Also, the real key is communications—tell your employees why you are using the assessments, how the results will be used, what the benefits are to them as individuals and to the company, and reassure them that identifying any skill gaps will be helpful to everyone. Jim Cumbie, director of human resources for Panel Products at Temple-Inland