Targets for Instruction

Targets for Instruction are guides designed to help educators and trainers develop curricula and instructional strategies for the WorkKeys® skills areas. Use the Targets to:

  • Identify skill levels of competencies and learning objectives
  • Select developmental materials that match specific WorkKeys skill levels
  • Estimate skill levels of materials you currently use
  • Bridge the education and business communities together by using WorkKeys as a common language
  • WorkKeys Targets are available for each WorkKeys assessment skill area and include:
    • Skill-building strategies
    • Sample work-based tasks and problems for each level
    • Guidelines for obtaining and using workplace materials
    • A detailed description of each WorkKeys skill area and level

Combine the Targets with the job profiling and/or assessment components of the WorkKeys system for an integrated approach to career planning and workplace training.

See example skill-building strategies for our most popular WorkKeys tests:

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