Certify Your Skills: How to Earn the ACT NCRC®

  1. To earn the ACT NCRC, you must take three ACT WorkKeys® assessments:

    You may take the ACT WorkKeys assessments at any ACT-licensed organization. Find a testing center near you.

  1. In order for ACT to match your three testing events for the three assessments noted above, it is critical for you to provide the exact same demographic information for all three tests when you register for them. The following five demographic elements must be the same on all three testing records (registrations):
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Month of Birth
    • Day of Birth
    • Examinee ID
The Importance of Match Criteria
The Importance of Match Criteria

  1. Testing sites throughout the country may vary in the assessment delivery method—online or paper and pencil. Please contact your test site directly if you have any questions about what to bring on test day.
  2. Your ACT NCRC level is determined by what level score you achieved on all three of the required ACT WorkKeys assessments, as follows:
    • Bronze—3 and above
    • Silver—4 and above
    • Gold—5 and above
    • Platinum—6 and above

    You can look up the ACT WorkKeys scores needed by job title to identify the skill levels you'll need for occupations that interest you.

    If you have not received your desired skill level score on an ACT WorkKeys assessment, practice tests and training options are available to help improve your test scores.

  3. If you have achieved a level score of 3 or above on all three ACT WorkKeys assessments, you are eligible for the ACT NCRC. ACT NCRCs can be accessed in one of two ways: