Donna Matovinovic

“I am honored to lead such a passionate and expert team of test developers.”

—Donna Matovinovic
Senior Vice President, Test Development

Donna Matovinovic is passionate about education, with more than 25 years leading teams in education and educational assessment. She joined ACT in 2014 as senior vice president of test development.

Donna provides expertise, leadership, and strategic direction for the design and development of products and services across the K through career continuum and helps lead change throughout ACT.

Prior to joining ACT, she spent more than a decade as an educator, curriculum developer, and formative and summative assessment leader in Alberta, Canada, and another decade leading assessment design, content development and publishing systems development for CTB, including leading the team responsible for developing test content for both the Smarter Balanced and PARCC consortia.

She has also served as Biology Examinations Manager at the Alberta Department of Education, and taught mathematics at the middle school-to-university levels for 10 years. Donna has a M.Ed. in science curriculum and instructional technology, a B.Ed. in science and mathematics education, and a B.Sc. in biological sciences, all from the University of Alberta, Canada.