Jonell Sanchez

“The constructs of education today and what they will be in the future are drastically different from those in the past. The ability to integrate programs across the ACT Holistic Framework and provide new offerings that are personalized and converge ACT’s learning assets in support of the student lifecycle, positions ACT at the forefront."

—Jonell Sanchez
President of Learning

Jonell Sanchez, an internationally recognized leader in education and business, joined ACT in 2020 as president of learning. 

He is responsible for leading the creation of the new learning accelerator division at ACT, which reflects the company’s transformation to a global nonprofit organization integrating solutions that span learning, measurement and navigation.  

Prior to ACT, Jonell served as vice president of education solutions for the National Student Clearinghouse. Previously, he served in senior positions at Pearson Global, Pearson North America, and the College Board where he led strategy development and execution; established global and domestic partnerships; and launched adaptive online assessments, learning interventions, and digital learning products. He holds a master’s degree in International Education from New York University, a bachelor’s degree from Rutgers University, has conducted research and study in Namibia and South Africa and is a graduate of the Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics.    

Jonell emigrated from Cuba as a child and was initially an English as a Second Language (ESL) student. Despite growing up in an underserved community with limited resources, he had support and guidance to further his education. His personal learning journey fuels his professional commitment and lifelong passion for educational opportunity, access and impact at scale.