ACT understands that everyone is different. We all have different abilities, interests, and starting points in life. The many choices that learners make determine their future and their liklihood of success. This diversity of journeys, choices, and destinations drives ACT's evolution to improve how we serve all our stakeholders.

Insights and Priorities

At ACT, we believe that every learner – whether they are a middle school student, graduating senior, working learner, or lifelong learner – is on a journey striving for success in college, career, and life. With that in mind, ACT will:

  • continue to work alongside learners, and those who serve them, to help everyone discover and fulfill their potential;
  • make connections that will help them navigate through the college-going process, into the workforce, and beyond; and
  • create a set of solutions and services that do just that, by offering the best resources and tools available with the support and guidance students need.

As we aim to help students understand their strengths and opportunities, we can help them discover what their futures could look like and gain the confidence to pursue their goals.


Living Our Values

Download a copy of Living Our Values to read about our plans and hopes for the future.

College and Career Planning

We're here to help you start your journey, no matter where you're headed!