ACT College and Career Readiness Workshops

Every Student. Every Step.

Sign up today to connect with your ACT State Lead this fall during a free, half-day ACT College and Career Readiness Workshop (CCRW). 

At the 2018 ACT CCRW you will:

  • Learn best practices from schools like yours
  • Discover new resources for students and educators
  • Acquire valuable data interpretation strategies
  • Create a comprehensive assessment plan

Whether you’re an educator, administrator, or counselor, preparing students for the next step is easier when you have the right resources at the right time, so you can guide them at every step along the way. ACT gives you the data you need to measure longitudinal growth, predict scores on the most widely used college entrance exam, and monitor student progress on college and career readiness standards and benchmarks.

  • Registration/Check-in
  • Welcome/Kickoff
  • Introduction: Preparing students for the next step
  • Current assessment status
  • What do we expect our students to learn?
  • Break
  • How will we know they are learning?
  • How will we respond if they don’t learn it?
  • How will we respond if they already know it?
  • Wrap-up

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They cover the same materials as the in-person workshop.