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Connect with us online to learn about new and free resources to help students, teachers, parents and workers overcome the barriers we’re all facing, and continue to meet educational and career goals.

Webinars for Parents

Sobre Como Continuar Tus Estudios Y COVID-19 CON

Do you have questions about the college-going process during the pandemic? ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning Program Director Nancy Lewin joined Univision Noticias’ Carolina Rosario for a conversation in Spanish about how parents and families can support their students from underserved populations. 


  • Carolina Rosario, Univision Noticia
  • Nancy Lewin, Program Director, ACT Center for Equity in Learning

Duration: 60 minutes 

How Parents Can Help Stem a "Covid-19" Learning Slide

You've likely heard of the "summer slide" when, unfortunately, students lose academic ground. Mawi Learning’s founder, Mawi Asgedom, will demonstrate powerful SEL tools, The Can Do and Not Yet Circles, to help parents and students grow continuously. Parents will learn how to help students expand their Can Do Circle in both academic and personal areas and adopt a growth mindset for future success.

Speaker: Mawi Asgedom 
Duration: 60 minutes 

Demystifying the Financial Aid Appeals Process

Learn the options to appeal your FAFSA filing due to economic changes in financial standing.  Launched April 15, Swift Student is a free online resource to support students, their families, and financial aid offices in streamlining the financial aid appeal process. Learn from experts about what an appeal is, some factors that may qualify students to seek an appeal, and a tool that can help them request the appeal. 

Speakers: Abigail Seldin and Matt Newlin, Ed.D.
Duration: 60 minutes

Webinars for Educators

SEL and Trauma-informed Practices: Creating a Supportive Environment

Join us for 60 minutes as we explore the impact of trauma on students and how educators can apply trauma-informed practices in their classroom and the school at-large.

Date: November 12, 2020

Time: 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m PT

SEL Best Practices for Any Learning Environment 

Discover how, despite the challenges of COVID-19, – or perhaps due to – some students are showing positive social and emotional development. Learn how to harness that power to help fuel positive school climate, and take away applicable SEL best practices for distance learning, in-classroom learning, or a hybrid approach this school year.

Rebounding from Knowledge and Skill Loss with Adaptive Personalized Learning

The COVID-19 crisis will greatly impact teachers’ ability to provide a continuity of instruction for the learners that they serve. Hear experts in the ACT Learning Division talk about how to respond to the unique learning needs of your students by meeting them where they are!


Feeling Disconnected?

Foster student relationships, ease anxiety, and maintain motivation during in-home learning. 

Hear from Dr. Jeremy Burrus, Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning Researcher at ACT and Jeff Allmon, Counselor with McPherson Middle School, McPherson, KS, about the importance of social emotional learning, especially in time of uncertainty. They’ll discuss practical application and research of SEL and showcase how McPherson Middle School is putting SEL into action for improved learning (both in-classroom and in-home) for students and educators.    

Speakers:  Jeremy Burrus, ACT and Jeff Allmon, McPherson Middle School
Duration: 60 minutes

How to Fundraise for Emergency Aid Programs

Emergency aid is a critical support for #RealCollege students, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The federal CARES money is a good start, but institutions will still need to raise more support from philanthropy. Join us for a special webinar with


  • Tina Gridiron, VP of Philanthropic Partnerships at ACT’s Center for Equity and Learning
  • Lizzy Moore, Foundation President and Dean of Institutional Advancement at Santa Monica College
  • Sara Goldrick-Rab, Founding Director of the Hope Center for College Community

Duration: 60 minutes

Fuel Your Future Planning with ACT Data

Education leaders know that planning doesn’t stop, not even in times of crisis. ACT wants to ensure you have the best information and data to help guide your students toward college and career success. Learn how you can use ACT data for future planning and even revising your current goals within the context of college readiness measures. 

Speaker: Bryan Williams, Program Director, Professional Learning, ACT 
Duration: 45 minutes 
Audience: K-12 Administrators and Instructional Leaders 

Webinars for Workforce

Workforce Solutions in the Resilient Talent Pipeline

Our society is navigating uncertainty in many facets of daily life. One thing is certain: regional workforce ecosystems must retool for the future. ACT® Workforce Solutions and ACT® Work Ready Communities are resources to help navigate through the process and developing employment alternatives for short- and long-term success.

Resilient Workforce Ecosystems

As challenges surrounding these uncertain times seem never-ending, regional workforce ecosystems must retool for the future. ACT® Workforce Solutions and ACT® Work Ready Communities are here with you as we navigate challenging times and prepare for inevitable impacts on our communities.

Webinars for Higher Ed Professionals

Advancing Postsecondary Success: Strategies for Men of Color in the Age of COVID-19

Join us for this free webinar and panel discussion that will highlight Dr. Bledsoe’s personal story and his experience as a young Black youth who spoke with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the effect that interaction had on his life trajectory, living in the segregated South during the 1960s. 

Dr. Bledsoe will also share his SAAB student-driven model of empowering men of color to be change agents for personal and community success. 

Duration: 60 minutes

ACT On-Campus: A Versatile Tool for Volatile Times

Join us for this free webinar to learn how ACT On-Campus can help you meet enrollment objectives through topics such as admission decisions, high school student dual admissions, summer bridge, merit-based scholarships, course placement, including advanced placement, learning growth measurement, and reaccreditation.

Don Pitchford, PhD, Director of Higher Education Partnerships and Services, ACT
Benjamin Hagan, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Oklahoma State University
Duration: 60 minutes