Equity Initiatives at ACT

ACT is dedicated to college and career success for everyone.

Every dollar we spend is reinvested in our mission. 

As a nonprofit, we have never been accountable to shareholders, only to the students, families, and ​strivers we serve. The only measure of our success is yours.​ 

ACT Distributes an Average of $32 Million in Fee Waivers Each Year

Reinvesting in our mission isn't a catchphrase we throw around, it's a central feature of our operating model and has a direct impact on the people we serve. 

Across the country, more than one in five registrations for the national ACT test (taken by students on a Saturday) are completed using a fee waiver. ACT's fee waiver program is a key part of ACT’s nonprofit mission to help everyone find success in education and the workforce. 

ACT's Fee Waiver program provides:

  • 100% coverage of ACT test fees
  • free access to learning resources
  • free additional score reports
  • eligibility to have college application fees waived

"Thank you ACT for helping me achieve my success by waiving my cost for the test. Our family income is low, and because of the waiver I have a chance to go to college." 

- Quimir FerrellFirst-Generation Student

ACT's Center for Equity in Learning

ACT’s Center for Equity in Learning (the Center) is committed to showcasing and supporting ACT’s efforts to close opportunity and outcomes gaps for all individuals, including:​

  • students of color​
  • first-generation students​
  • families with economic challenges
  • exceptional and diverse learners

The Center exists to:

  • promote equity infused research solutions
  • invest in high impact equity organizations and leaders
  • communicate actionable information about the realities, challenges, and opportunities facing diverse learners

American College Application Campaign

The American College Application Campaign® (ACAC) assists first-generation students and students from low income families submit a college application. 

  • works with students to break down the steps of the application process
  • over 3.69 million students have been served, submitting over 5.99 million college applications