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 “Alexa, how do I prepare for the ACT test?” 

High school students will soon be able to use Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service, to help guide them through the ACT® test process at home and even receive test prep coaching through ACT® Academy™, ACT’s free online learning tool and test practice program.  

“The skill will feature a voice-based AI-assistant, bringing information about the ACT test and personalized guidance to students and parents directly into the comfort of their homes in sync with the digitalized world they are used to,” said Dr. Alina von Davier, ACT senior vice president for ACTNext.  

Learn from ACT Experts Who’ve Been in Your Shoes

What insights can schools gain from the High School Profile Report?

Best Practices

Preparing Students for College Success

  Today, nearly half of all incoming students aren’t ready for college-level coursework in math or English. Most of these students will not graduate from college. That’s a big problem, but ACT® CollegeReady™ is helping schools like Campus High School overcome it.  

“In a typical classroom setting, students are asked to learn at the same pace, which creates a problem for certain individuals. By participating in CollegeReady, students could work at their own pace until they really grasped a concept. When it clicked, you could see the excitement and pride right on their faces.” –Walter Zemanick, Senior Counselor at Campus High School 

Professional Development

Learn, Measure, Grow: Turning ACT Data into Action

Join us this fall for the 2019 ACT College and Career Readiness Workshop (CCRW)—Learn, Measure, Grow: Turning ACT Data into Action. Registration is now open!  

Today, standardized assessment scores are an important measure of progress, but they only become meaningful when they are used to take effective action. During this free, half-day workshop, we’ll show you new ways to look at your data to assist you and your students. 

Upcoming Dates

ACT National Testing Key Dates and Deadlines 

The ACT Test National
Test Date

July 13

ACT Aspire Summative 2018 Fall Registration

Deadline: August 9, 2019 

ACT Fall District Testing Registration

Deadline: August 16, 2019


2019 Kansas and Missouri ACT Conference

September 13, 2019 | Kansas City, MO

The Kansas and Missouri ACT Conference will be held on Friday, September 13, 2019 at The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center. Based on the theme, “Partnering for Progress,” the event will feature breakout sessions on preparing students for college and career success. Register to attend or exhibit: Please direct questions to (KS) or (MO). 

Research Spotlight

College-Bound Students’ Views on Paying for College 

ACT releases financial aid report with recommendations for high schools to help increase financial aid literacy.     

Finding the funds to attend college often means that many students must acquire loan debt through financial aid. This confusing but critically necessary process can influence college planning and enrollment decisions, post-college employment, and other important life choices, such as enrolling in graduate school, buying a home, or getting married. There is a gap in financial literacy for students that must be fixed so they better understand the financial aid process and its implications.  

In this report, you’ll learn: 

  • Students’ perceptions on financial aid, loans, and the repayment process 
  • Recommendations for higher education institutions, high schools, and adults to help increase financial literacy 

Product Spotlight

ACT Rapid Review

Students have access to affordable live and on-demand test prep with ACT Rapid Review.

ACT® Rapid Review™ by Kaplan is a suite of products offering all the benefits of livestreaming instruction and a comprehensive video library. Students can drop into a live virtual classroom or watch recorded video sessions, all taught by expert instructors.  

ACT Rapid Review offers three options to fit students’ unique needs and learning styles: 

  • ACT Rapid Review Live provides the last-minute content focus students need to be ready on test day, with access to a virtual classroom and live teaching from expert instructors. 
  • ACT Rapid Review On Demand features a video archive where students can access a library of top-quality recorded instruction during the months leading up to test day. 
  • ACT Rapid Review All Access bundles the live and archived video offerings of ACT Rapid Review Live and ACT Rapid Review On Demand. 

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