Preparing Students for the Next Step

Guidelines for Preparing Students Early


The sooner you can measure students’ strengths, weaknesses, and personal interests, the better you can be at putting them on the pathway to educational and career success. From a high level, here are some general guidelines for helping students prepare early.

  • Have a Proactive Mindset
    They say, “always be prepared.” We say, “prepare even earlier,” especially when it affects your college and career. That’s why ACT can help your students start to prepare as early as grade 3.

  • Embrace Better Data
    Having data is one thing, but what’s the benefit if you don’t know what to do with it? ACT data gives you more than numbers. It contextualizes the information and translates it into real guidance.

  • Establish Personal Paths to Improvement
    Effective preparation for one student isn’t always the same for another. That’s why we’ve integrated measurement into our learning systems that embraces personalized navigation to achieve success at any age.

In this eBook, you’ll learn best practices for early student preparation, along with some ACT solutions that other schools have had success with between grades 3 and 10.