Preparing Students Early: College and Career Planning

Helping students determine what they want to do for a career or “what they want to be when they grow up” is a big task. 

The sooner you can measure students’ strengths, weaknesses, and personal interests, the better you can be at putting them on the pathway to success.

Making every student’s dream a reality is easier done when driven by evidence-based data. ACT gives you the right data and resources at the right time to make this possible.

  • ACT Interest Inventory - We can provide a survey of students’ career interests and aspirations. Results can help them identify career options they might enjoy—an essential developmental skill for students in the early stages of career planning.
  • Course Planning - You can use information from score reports and student course pattern data from the ACT® Profile Report to help students plot a path to the major, college, and career of their choice.
  • Scholarships - A recent study1 on test score requirements for merit-based scholarships at public universities has identified that some scholarships provide an advantage to students taking the ACT® test or SAT.


1 "Higher Test Scores, Lower Tuition: Is There an SAT/ACT Advantage?' Edmit 120, (blog), January 2018,

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